Rules and regulations to be followed by students writing public exam

By | February 27, 2019
Image result for students writing public exam photosThe department of examinations has announced the rules and regulations to be followed by the students while writing the public exams for SSLC, +1 and +2. And the details are as follow,
1. The candidates must check and confirm the photo, name, subject and the language medium in the 1st page of the sheet.
2. Before start the exam, they should also search under the chair and tables to confirm that there are no loose sheets of info.
3. Use only the bottom part of the answer sheet where separate space is given for the tentative attempts of answering.
4. Never use the color pencils for writing or underlining. Also, never tear off the pages in the answer sheet.
5. When some part of the answer is scratched out, remark on the side ‘this is scratched by me’. The candidates must never strike off the written answers. It will be considered as a violation of the rules and as an offense.
6. Candidates can wear simple watches that duly show the time. The flying squad visiting the public examination centres should never behave in a threatening manner. It is enough if they check only the candidates who they suspect. It is not at all compulsory to check each and every candidate! In case any offense/violation is detected, take action without any favor/prejudice.