Free food for construction workers at Amma Unavagam

By | February 14, 2019

Image result for Amma unavagam imagesIn the Chennai city there are many construction workers who are finding it difficult to get quality food at cheap cost. The news that has come out now is registered construction workers could soon get free food at Amma Unavagams as the new scheme would soon be launched through the amendment of TN Manual Workers ( Construction Workers) Welfare Scheme 1994.

Based on the proposal from the GCC or Greater Chennai Corporation, the municipal administration and water supply department would pass a government order on the new scheme.

The information gathered is by this new scheme the construction workers would be able to get food free of cost and their monthly bills to be maintained by the unavagams or canteens would be settled by Tamil Nadu Construction Workers Board. The board will pay the original cost of production and not the subsidised Amma canteen rates.