Government offers special assistance of Rs. 2000 to the poor labourers

By | February 11, 2019
Related imageThe State government of Tamil Nadu offers Rs. 2000 to the families living under the poverty line announced by Chief Minister Mr. E. Palanisamy.
The Chief Minister E. Palanisamy, while reading a report on legal Act 110 in the Legislative Assembly. During this, the Chief Minister observed that the state government of Tamil Nadu has been greatly successful in taking utmost care of the welfare of the downtrodden people in the society by incorporating many growth and welfare schemes.
The chief minister announced that special financial assistance of Rs. 2000 will be given to the downtrodden families living below the poverty line in the labour categories as below:
Farmers (agriculturists), urban poor people, workers in the cracker industry, fishermen, weavers, hand-loom workers, construction industry labourers, tree-climbing labourers, salt-making industry labourers, footwear and other leather goods manufacturing labourers, cleaning labourers, potters, handicraft workers, and other labour groups in this ‘below-poverty-line’ group.
The Chief Minister informed that around 35 lakhs families living below poverty line in the rural areas and villages and around 25 Lakhs families living in urban areas below the poverty line , for a total of 60 Lakhs families will all be given the special financial assistance of Rs. 2000 each.
An amount of Rs. 1200 Crores will be set aside for this purpose in the demands made for subsidies.