Limit less travel on Chennai Metro at Rs 100

By | February 4, 2019

Image result for Chennai Metro imagesChennai Metro Rail provided the 100 rupees pass if you wish to travel across various places in the city on the same day all of which are predominantly connected by the Chennai Metro. By using this pass you can travel for one whole day starts from 6 am to 10pm.

Procedure to get the pass:

1. You will have to get this pass at CMRL counter by paying a sum of Rs. 150 of which Rs. 50 will be refunded when you surrender the pass again at the CMRL counter after ending your journey for the day.

2. The pass is notably versatile in terms of allowing any of your family members to travel using the same pass. If you are buying a pass and you wish to give the same to your relative or friend on the same day for travelling in Chennai Metro, it will still be valid and you can make use of it.