LKG and UKG classes introduced at government schools

By | January 8, 2019
Related imageLKG and UKG classes are set to be introduced in all the government schools from 21st January 2019 in order to encourage the learning system through the English language.
In Tamil Nadu, only few government schools offering English medium learning. So, the parents admit their kids in LKG and UKG classes in privates classes.
In order the increase the number students in Government schools and to encourage learning through English medium, the LKG and UKG classes are being introduced in Government Schools.
Already LKG and UKG classes were opened at certain Government schools. The female teachers presently working in government primary schools will visit the anganwadis and take 2-hours classes for LKG/UKG students admitted in anganwadis. This plan will commence on 21st January.