Blood banks in Tamil Nadu would be screened

By | December 27, 2018

Image result for Blood banks imagesRecently, People belonging to Tamil Nadu were shaken up by a sensational piece of news. The news was about a 24 year pregnant woman in Sattur who was given contaminated blood supplied by a blood band and as a result of that she got infected with HIV.

Health Minister Mr. C. Vijayabaskar expressed his unhappiness about this issue. And he informed about termination of 3 lab technicians of blood band attached to the government hospitals at Sattur near Virudhunagar.

To ensure the virus does not affect the foetus, a detailed medical treatment is underway for the pregnant woman. He added that the government would provide financial assistance for the affected family. He also added all the Blood banks in Tamil Nadu would be screened properly.
At Sattur police station, the affected woman and her husband lodged a complaint against those who were responsible for this contaminated blood supply issue. The news gathered was a FIR has been registered against the doctors and nurses involved in the blood transfusion and also against the blood bank workers for their medical negligence under the IPC sections. The blood stocks present in all the blood banks would be reviewed so that no such incidents take place in the future. This was confirmed by the government.