Parents no need to apply birth certificate for their new born from Jan 2019

By | December 20, 2018

Related imageFrom 1st January 2019, parents will not have the burden of applying for birth certificate for their new born baby. Mother’s who gave birth to baby at government hospital shall get the birth certificate handy together with the delivery summary. Those who deliver their baby at private hospitals, birth certificate can be downloaded in 21days from the day of giving birth.

Birth certificates can also be downloaded from the website of civic agencies. The health inspectors of respective areas are appointed as the birth registrars.
Nearly 60% of the childbirth usually takes place at Public hospitals. If parents have decided the name for baby earlier, they can get it registered online, or they may take time till one year to add the name in the certificate. Ultimately, the process aims at simplifying measures that parents ought to take.
It is necessary to get their pregnancy registered so that special ID number are allocated for pregnant women using which the birth certificates will be issued. Important information such as father’s name, Mother’s name, residential address etc are available with state already.
The online birth registration program is a huge success. It helps in better processing of the total state.
Further, mobile apps for facilitating corrections in birth certificates such as name changes or address changes are also facilitated. By the end of 2019, it will also be possible to get birth certificate hard copies at private hospitals, the officials add.