Actor Vishal arrested by Police!

By | December 20, 2018

TFPC President Vishal reportedly arrested by PoliceThe Tamil Film Producers Council (TPFC) office was locked yesterday (December 19th) by Producers AL ALagappan, JK Rithesh and few others. Alagappan revealed that the keys would be given to Commissioner office.

While addressing the media Alagappan said “We had asked about the deposit amount that is there in the association, but Vishal never responded. Producer Kathiresan said that her doesn’t have an idea about it. As a secretary of the association, Kathiresan’s answer was not right and acceptable”.

When Vishal came into power, he assured that only 4 movies will release for a weekend. But last week we had seen the release of more than 4 movies and this week it seems to be 7 and as a result of this most of the producers faced a huge loss so we have all come together to ask Vishal to resign as the President of TFPC. He is making decisions independently without any discussions or meetings with other members of the committee so we have now locked the office and we will give the keys in the register office”. Said by Alagappan.

It is said that Vishal tried to break the lock and get inside the office, and there was a big argument between Vishal and Police officials and as the result Vishal got arrested by the police.

Vishal, who seemed frustrated with this turn of events said that, “Unauthorised people lock our office and the Police provides protection for an unofficial lock. As a President, I want to go and do my work and when I entered, the Police argued and arrested me, saying that I am obstructing a Government servant to do the job. This is definitely not acceptable.