In Chennai 16th December is considered as the coldest day of the month

By | December 17, 2018
Related imageIt is normal that Temperature go down in the month of December. The amazing part of news is yesterday that is 16th December 218, Sunday is considered as the coldest day of the month. The temperature that was recorded on Sunday was 25.3 degree Celsius.
The temperature of Monday would be brought down by the squally winds caused by the cyclone Phethai. It would be windy and cold and the temperatures would be below 30 degree Celsius. It is now brought out that the city of Chennai would be less likely to get rains as the cyclone has moved away.
One important point to note is due to the high wind speed in Chennai, the waves as high as 3m to 3.4m lashed the seashore on Marina and Kasimedu on Sunday. And hence, the Fishermen advised not to go into the sea as the waves are very stronger on Monday also.