Benefits and medicinal values of cooking in mud pot

By | December 13, 2018
Related imageDuring our grandparents period, cooking was all done in mud pots. They used to store water to cooking rice, kulambhu, make curd and for all sorts of Kitchen and cooking processes mud pots were used.
Some of the benefits of using mud pots are,
1.  Foods prepared in clay pots will remains their nutritive value. The clay tend to transform hear uniformly. The ingredients get cooked in a slow process and hence the heat gets evenly spread all over the pot.
2.  When compared to cooking in steel vessels, the recipes cooked in mud pots will be tastier.
3.  The pH balance of food gets neutralized as the alkaline nature of clay interacted with food acidity.           Hence, all the gastronomic pains and troubles will get nullifies by cooking in clay pots.
4.  While cooking in clay pots it enriched the sweetness due to the natural tendency of clay.
5.  There will be less oil consumption.
6.  Water stored in mud pots taste uniquely good. You can easily find the difference between the                  regular water that you have in your water bottles and those stored in mud pots. There is a visible              difference in the taste as well as the aroma.
7.  These pots tend to retain heat for a longer period of time which is not the case with steel utensils.
These are all some of the benefits of using clay pots for cooking, you have to understand that there is medicinal value to clay pots as well. Boil water by using clay pot and drink the water, you will get relieved from cold and cough quickly. Boiling in clay pot will increase the mineral value of the water, and hence it enhances the overall goodness of water, thus giving you good strength and mineral added in water.