New regulations to declare leave for Schools on a rainy day

By | December 5, 2018
Related imageThe Department of School Education of the state government of Tamil Nadu has issued circulars to all the district collectors regarding the decision to declare a holiday on a rainy day.
In the circular, Chief Secretary of the School Education Department Pradeep Yadav, mentioned some rules and regulation for taking a decision under what circumstances to declare a holiday due to rain.
Circumstances are as follows,
1. Holiday should be declare for Schools only in case, there has been an inundation and flooding of the roads affecting the transportation.
2.  In case of light drizzles of rain or mild rain, a holiday should not be declared.
3. A decision to declare the holiday must be taken 3 hours in advance before the starting time of the school.
4. The District Primary Education Officers can notify the district collector regarding declaring a holiday for schools in specific areas as per the prevailing climate conditions/situations.
5. A holiday can be declared only in those regions severely affected by the rains. It is not necessary to declare a holiday for the entire district.
6. While declaring a holiday on reasons of temple festivals, etc., the schools should also announce the compensating another working day. The respective Saturdays in the relevant weeks can be declared as compensatory working days.
7. It must be categorically ensured that the syllabus and teaching system does not get affected for whatever reasons. The schools must be reopened as immediately as possible.
8. In case the school premises have been used as temporary accommodation for the rain-affected people, activities must be initiated to shift them to a new location. In case there is water stagnation in the school premises, action must be taken o remove the same and then reopen the school.