Superstar’s 2.0 movie review!

By | November 29, 2018

Rajinkanth and Akshay Kumar in a promotional still of 2.0Super star Rajinikanth and Akshay kumar starrer 2.0 releases today and gains a positive review from the cinegoers. Fans of Thalaivar are very much excited and celebrating the success of 2.0, this movie is directed by Shankar. This is India’s most anticipated movie of the year 2018. The movie 2.0 is a non-stop glitzy extravagant entertainer, with some terrific VFX and 3D effects.

2.0 continues the journey of Chitti from Enthiran but this time he is challenged by antagonist Akshay kumar. With the teaser of the movie, everyone got curious about the unique story line. Rajinikanth is a one-man entertainment troupe with his unique style and swag, as he plays a quadruple (four) role.

Amy Jackson plays a crucial role in the movie. The combo of Rajinikanth and Akshay kumar is a treat for Thalaivar fans and audience everywhere. 2.0 touted to the most expensive movie made in Indian cinema, it looks like 2.0 will become the biggest movie that we have seen till date.

The intention of the film seems to be only to make an Indian equivalent of a Hollywood super-hero sci-fi action fantasy thriller. To a large extent, Shankar, his VFX supervisor Srinivas Mohan, sound specialist Resul Pookutty, cinematographer Nirav Shah and editor Antony have succeeded to push the envelope. Almost 50  percent of the film has stunning visual effects and has been shot using 3D format. It must be watched in 3D for a satisfying viewing experience.

The fight in the climax between the giant robots reminds you of the action scenes from the Transformers franchise. The film works largely because of Rajinikanth and the amazing 3D format, the closest an Indian film has reached to Hollywood standards.