Amazing health benefits of Banana!

By | November 29, 2018
Related imageImportant point about banana- it is available at affordable price. People from different economic status can buy this fruit. Secondly, it is available throughout the year.
Banana have the property to cure various diseases. It provides sufficient energy; It is rich in fibre, fructose and glucose. It prevents some harmful diseases and also serves as a cure for them,
Anaemia – Banana is the rich source of iron. This provokes the production of haemoglobin in the blood. Thus, it prevents anaemia.
Blood Pressure – Banana has a high level of minerals and Potassium and lesser amount of salt. Thus ,it helps reduction in the blood pressure.
Chest irritation – Banana has the natural property to neutralize acidic content. So, it helps as a good relief for chest irritation.
Stroke – A regular intake of banana fruits prevent a possible stroke by 40%.
Ulcer – As banana is smoothy and glossy in its natural form, it serves as a good food for ulcers. Banana forms the protective wall over the ulcer affected areas and neutralizes the acidic effect.
Reduces Mental stress or tension – Banana contains a special kind of protein. The human body converts this protein to form a chemical item known as Serotonin which helps the mind in a relaxed and happier mood.
Constipation – Banana is rich in fibre content, it helps to cure constipation problems in us.
Premenstrual syndrome – Banana is rich in vitamin B6, which controls the sugar level in blood. This tends to change the mental condition into a relaxed mode.