Important Medicinal values of Camphor!

By | November 24, 2018
Related imageCamphor is used for performing pooja in the temples and also in the houses etc.. But camphor could also useful to treat many skin infection in us.
Camphor is usually found in places like Vietnam, Japan etc and it is obtain from the tree Cinnamomum camphora. A camphor tree can grow up to 100 meters and also it has tremendous therapeutic qualities. Due to this camphor is effective in treating many skin issues. Camphor has got distinct fragrance is known.
Camphor could also be used in treatment of below mentioned skin issues in us.
Itchy skin treatment:
Sometimes we feel itchiness on our skin due to many reasons. Camphor could be used along with water to get rid of the skin itchiness in us.
Acne and pimples treatment:
Many girls and boys suffer from acne and pimples during their teenage. They used to try different ways to get rid of this pimples. It is clear that camphor oil could be used to get rid of this acne and pimples in the teenage.
Rashes could be treated:
Rashes could be treated by using Camphor. Mix camphor in water and that solution is applied on the area having rashes. We can get immediate relief by the application of camphor solution on the rashes.
Helps in treating cracked heel issue:
Many of us are suffering due to cracked heel problem. Usually they try many different ways to get rid of this cracked heel issue. Take a bucket full of water and add some camphor in the water. Soak you leg in the camphor water after 10 minutes take a pumice stone and scrub gently on your cracked area.
Fungal infection treatment:
This is one important use of camphor. Fungus occurs in us when our legs are not dry. The moisture gets trapped between our toes. Camphor could be mixed with water and this combination could be used to treat this fungal infection in our feet.