Budget friendly diet plans!

By | November 23, 2018

Image result for Healthy diet imagesNowadays our life is merged with unhealthy food options and environmental impurities all around. Below are some of the diet tips that can be managed well with a student’s monthly budget that is restricted to a limit most of the circumstances.

Buying in bulk quantity
Buying food sources in bulk quantity can save you lot of money on your monthly budget. Grains, pulses and legumes can be bought early and stored for a long time.
Seasonal foods:
Buying seasonal foods are the better option for the better health and diet. So, always buy seasonal foods without fail and consume it. For example Oranges and carrots have active compounds in it that will protect us from winter based infections and diseases. In Summer we can buy and consume Mangoes which stabilizes our blood sugar and metabolism. So never underestimate the seasonal foods that will be both cheap and healthy.
Always adopt a traditional cooking that your mother or grandmother chose to cook. Avoid foreign food culture which will not suitable for our culture and weather condition. Cooking in our own style always beneficial in terms of health and economic factors.
Meal plans for a week:
Planning the meals for a full week takes lot of efforts and most of times a boring task to accomplish. But it is very advantageous on a long term basis providing many options to save money and cling on to best suitable for every individual person. Binge eating is one of the negative factor for a person to gain weight. So plan ahead and buy all groceries in accordance with your own diet plan. It will somehow reduce the junk intake for a week leading to better health and energy.
Frozen foods
Frozen foods are very cheap making a great addition to your weekly food budget. Also make sure the frozen foods are also healthy in terms of nutrition. Frozen peas, berries can be used for major recipes. Storing fruits and vegetables in a frozen state can help you to use the resource for longer periods cutting off some of the major expenses.