Remove your warts by using lemon

By | November 22, 2018
Related imageIt is a fact that the presence of warts would affect our looks. These warts are occurred by HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus and there are more than 100 HPV present is known. There are certain types of HPV that could cause warts in genital areas in us.
Warts could be treated by these below mentioned combinations of lemon:
1. Lemon and baking soda combination
Baking soda does great job on warts that occurs on the skin. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of baking soda plays a very important role here.
In the first step mix baking soda and lemon juice together and made a paste. Apply this paste on warts and left dry. Wash the place with lukewarm water. This has to be repeated 2times every day in order to get good results.
2. Lemon and tea tree oil combination:
Tea tree oil helps in destroying the virus that causes warts and this is due to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of this tea tree oil. In the first step a well cleaned bowl is taken and teaspoon of lemon juice and water are added. Then 5 to 8 drops of tea tree oil is added to the bowl having lemon juice and water and the contents are mixed well. A cotton pad is taken and dipped in this combination and placed on the warts. After 10 minutes the cotton pad is removed and area is washed well with water.
3. Lemon and vinegar combination:
Vinegar breaks down the cells that cause warts, its acidic nature plays an important role in this. Take equal amount of lemon juice and vinegar and mix well. Then dip a cotton ball in to the solution and applied on to the warts. A bandage is applied on it and left to stand for an hour. Finally remove the bandage and wash the place with lukewarm water.
4. Lemon and garlic combination:
Garlic has the special quality to fight against warts. The garlic has amazing antiviral and antibacterial plus antifungal properties in it and these properties plays an important role in treating warts.
Take 5 to 8 garlic clove and peeled off the skin. Made a paste of garlic by crushing the garlic. Add lemon juice on to the garlic paste. Then mix well to made a paste. Apply this mixture on warts affected skin and covered with a bandage. After 20 minutes the bandage is removed and the area is washed with water. By repeating this process two times daily better results is got.