Gaja Cyclone latest update

By | November 12, 2018

Cyclone Gaja to take SW dip early and take super speed steering under the control of Indian Ridge and make landfall as a Cyclone between Cuddalore and Vedaranayam of morning to Noon of 15th November. Chennai to see rains a day earlier from 14th November itself.

Steering change is happening now, it had moved in last 4 hours. Once steering change is completed, it is expected to make an early dip, landfall is expected to be earlier on 15th Morning to Noon in delta belt. Gaja Cyclone will now give rains to interiors of South Tamil Nadu instead of North Tamil Nadu.

Good rains in Chennai expected on 14th and 15th November:

Meanwhile Chennai is expected to get rain from 14th November itself. On 14th and 15th November entire North Tamil Nadu coast will get rains from Gaja and we will be very far away from the influence of Cyclone winds. Chennai will get pull effect rains on 15th and 16th too.

Extreme rains:

Severe rains are expected in the landfall area of Delta belt and also the Southern Interior districts and the ghats in the South,

Intensity of Gaja:
Gaja is not going to be strong Cyclone like Thane or Vardah. And it is expected to intensify in next two days and we can expect winds to clock 60-8km/hr and at times gust touching 90-100 km/hour. This will much lesser intensity than Cyclone Vardah in Chennai clocked 120km/hr winds with gusts of 140km/hr. Thane in Cuddalore clocked 140 km/hr and gust reached 160 km/hr.
With 3 days to go, we can expect more adjustments before firming up the exact landfall and intensity.