Aware of these signs that shows that we are consuming more salt

By | November 10, 2018
Related imageWithout salt the food we eat doesn’t taste good and we all eat food with some amounts of salt… There are some people who add more salt to their foods. Excess intake of salt leads to many health issues. Sodium is the hidden component of the salt and the intake of sodium is difficult to be measured.
Various signs that shows that we are consuming more amount of salt. These are,
Frequent urination:
One of the most important signs of excess intake of salt is frequent urination. During sleeping in the nights we would feel urgent need to pass urine. This frequent urination could also sometimes be due to UTI or due to diabetes or due to overactive urinary bladder etc.
Frequently getting mild headaches:
Sometimes we may get mild headaches frequently and this could be due to dehydration caused by
Excess intake of salt leads to dehydration in us and sometimes we get mild headaches due to this dehydration. It is very essential to drink lots of water to overcome this headache due to dehydration.
Feeling thirsty always:
If we consume more amount of salt we could feel thirsty always. The foods which contains high sodium content could mess up with the body fluid balance and make us feel thirsty always. It is good that we consume lots of water when this happens.
Some people have swollen ankles and puffy eyes. This could be due to excess intake of salt having sodium. Our body holds extra water to balance out excess salt and this leads to swelling in us.