Tomato face pack to remove dark circles

By | October 26, 2018
Related imageNowadays most of us are affected from dark circles due to many reasons like fatigue, stress, tiredness, weak eyesight etc, and these dark circles spoil our whole look. Area under our is very sensitive area and sudden restriction of blood flow to that area leads to dark circles. Tomatoes are highly effective in treating the dark circles.
Some of the Tomato face packs that could provide a solution to dark circles,
Tomato, cucumber, mint face pack:
Tomato, mint and cucumber face pack provides us cooling effect. Cucumber keeps our skin hydrated and remove pigmentation in the skin. Take tomato puree, mint leaves and cucumber paste. Mix all the ingredients together and apply this to the under eye are and keep it for 20 minutes of time. Later wash your eyes with cold water.

Tomato and lemon face pack:

Basically lemon has got bleaching properties and dark circles could be lightened by lemon. In the first step mix lemon juice and tomato juice together then apply the juice around the area of the eye and give a gentle massage. Keep it for about 15 minutes. Then wash the eye with water.
Tomato and potato face pack:
Potato brightens our skin tone. In the first step potato is blended and tomatoes are mashed. Mix both the purees together and made as a paste. This paste is applied over the dark circles around the eyes. Wash your eyes well with water.