These micronutrients rich food help us to loss excess weight!

By | October 24, 2018
Image result for fruits and vegetables imagesWe need some nutrients in small amount and these are known as micrnutrients. Some of the micronutrients are Vitamins, minerals etc.  These micronutrients are useful for us to lose weight because they are non-fattening.
These foods rich in micronutrients could help in weight loss in us,
Avocado consumption:
Avocado contains full of micronutrients and it is useful for us in losing excess weight. Fibers, antioxidants, carbohydrates, proteins are present in this fruit. Apart from the Vitamin C, E and B6 are present in it and it plays a major role in effective conversion of food to energy.
Lentils intake:
Cooked lentils contains high potassium which controls BP and blood sugar. Bone density could be built by intake of this lentils. Beans, chick peas are some of the examples of lentils. And it plays a major role in weight loss.
Fruits and vegetables consumption:
Vegetables and fruits contains low fat. They are highly nutritious and they add flavor and variety to diet.  These could added to soups, salads etc and consumed by us to reduce excess weight.