Samantha gaining support for her friend

By | October 11, 2018

From the last couple of days, #MeToo movement become very trending in twitter. Singer Chinmayi twitter outburst as a part of this #MeToo storm is just making many celebrity singers tremble in fear.

She took on many celebrities names like Vairamuthu and Raghu Dixit and she also revealed they have sexually harassed many, including her.

Vairamuthu said that alleging popular celebrities has become a culture to become popular and he wouldn’t believe such people. Few post of chinmayi supporting Vairamuthu have been surfaced on Twitter,claiming that Chinmayi is lying.

#MeToo! Samantha Stands With Her SoulSamantha who is always very active in social media, decides to show her support to her friend(Chinmayi). She took to her twitter account and wrote, “Dear @23_rahulr and @Chinmayi I know the both of you for ten years now . I don’t know two more brutally honest people .It is this attribute of yours that I value most in our friendship . I love you with all my heart and what you say is the TRUTH !! #istandwithchinmayi”

She is active in twitter spreading the positive feedback to her tweet and gaining support for her friend.