Bad dental health causes many health problems do you know that?

By | October 11, 2018
Image result for Dental health imagesSome of the various health issues that we might get due to bad dental health are,
Cardiovascular diseases:

People these days have cardiovascular diseases in them and many lose their lives. The studies have shown that 91% of people having heart disease have got periodontal disease when compared to 66% of people without heart disease. Inflammation in blood vessels occurs when bacteria in plaque and calculus deposits in mouth travel to the bloodstream. This results in increase of heart attacks and strokes etc.
Respiratory infections:
This is another health issue that could occur due to poor dental health in us. The bacteria present in our mouth are associated with the lung disease. Studies have shown that some changes in the bacteria in the mouth preceded the development of pneumonia.
Infertility in women:
Infertility in women may also occurs due to bad dental health. Woman with bad oral health would take longer time to conceive when compared to women with good oral health.
Digestive problems:
Digestive issues may occur due to poor oral health. The gum disease is the main reason for many digestive problems in us.