Avoid giving these foods for babies

By | October 11, 2018

Image result for Avoid these foods for babies imagesRearing of a baby is not an easy task for the mothers and the babies are very precious. Proper care must be taken while giving foods to babies. We should aware of what should be given to babies. By giving unhealthy foods the development of the child gets affected and it also leads to some mental issues etc…

These below mentioned foods must not be given to the babies,

Avoid giving fruit snacks:

Fruit snacks are Sandwiches, peanut butter, smoothies etc and these foods must be completely avoided by mothers. These fruit snacks contains high amount of sugar content which makes baby more obese. And the high level of sugar content may also leads to worms in the stomach of the baby.

Avoid giving chocolates:

Chocolates possess high sugar content and caffeine in it and could affect the baby. Consuming chocolates could harm the teeth of the baby.

Avoid giving Honey:

It is very important that mothers should avoid giving honey to their babies. Immune system of the baby gets affected by the intake of honey and hence the baby feels weak and dull. Honey contains toxic bacteria and could create serious health problems for the baby.

Avoid giving sports drinks:

Sports drinks contains more calories and electrolytes and this affects the health of the baby. Some of the stomach related issues also could occur in the babies.

Avoid giving smoked and cured meats:

High level of nitrates present in smoked or cured meats could result in cancer. So please avoid giving these types of foods for the babies.