Big Boss 2 Tamil: Housemates are playing Ticket to Finale Task!

By | September 14, 2018

Image result for Big Boss 2 Tamil 13th September 2018 promo imagesIn the latest episode of Big Boss, housemates celebrated Vinayagar chadurthi. Housemates en energetically danced for the wake up song. Housemates enters in to festive mood. Season 1 and Season 2 housemates joined together and decorated the house.

Lord Ganesh idol were brought in to the house. The housemates enjoyed every minute of the day.

In the evening, a person enters in to Big Boss house in the two wheeler and his faced was covered with Helmet. Everybody shocked seeing him, later he revealed his identity by removing the Helmet. Everyone in the house felt happy that Season 1 title winner entered the house.

Image result for Big Boss 2 Tamil 13th September 2018 promo imagesBig Boss gave an announcement that Yesterday’s task “Kelvikku yenna badhil” will resumed in the afternoon. Selected videos from Season 1 and 2 will be shown to the housemates, they need to ask questions regarding the incidents.

Season1 and Season 2 contestants had a healthy argument and criticism among themselves. Season 1 contestants gave some advice to the season 2 contestants in order to win the game.

The most expected “Ticket to finale task” is finally here!

Image result for Big Boss 2 Tamil 13th September 2018 promo imagesThe housemates had to carry a bowl filled with water and slow walk around a round shaped platform.

Yashika-Or-Janani-Who-Will-Win-The-Ticket-To-FinaleBalaji was the first contestant who eliminated from the Ticket to finale task, followed by Aishwarya, Mumtaz and Rhythvika out from the task.

At last, Viji, Janani and Yashika were doing the task. From today’s promo we came to know that Viji also eliminated from the Task. Janani and Yashika doing the task. We have to wait till night to know the winner of the task.