Big Boss 2: Season 1 contestants plays a prank game with Season 2 contestants!

By | September 12, 2018

Special-Treatment-For-Mumtaz-StillIn the latest episode, Big Boss 1 contestants and season 2 contestants danced together for the wake up song. Snehan, Vaiyapuri, Harathi, Gayathri and suja thanked Big Boss for the opportunity they also informed Big Boss that they are going to start the game.

Season 1 contestants targeted Mumtaz who is still living luxurious life inside the BB house. They also raised question why Big Boss giving luxury to Mumtaz. They took the food items including curds, ghee, olive oil and kept in the store room and asked permission from Big Boss.

Snehan read out the announcement for the task “Thatti vidu mamu Thatti vidu”. For this task, the housemates has to split in to two teams as Season and season 2. The team has to build the blocks by using the paper cups and the opponent team should stop them by throwing balls on the blocks. Season 2 housemates won the task.

Mean while Season 1 contestants prepared a prank task for the season 2 contestants with the help of Janani Iyer.

Gayathri advised Aishwarya that “Don’t leave the show without knowing what is happening outside, Oviya did the same mistake and after that only found about her fan base”.

Then Aishwarya asked Gayathri did she have a fans outside, but she refused to tell that.

Snehan read out the task in which different proverbs given to each teams and they has to give the proverb for each person in the opposite team. If that person is not with that proverb they can argue with them. It was obvious that the task was given to create problem and misunderstanding between the contestants. But they played well and concluded smoothly.