Big Boss 2 Tamil: Aishwarya refuses to face nomination!

By | September 11, 2018

I-Want-To-Go-But-I-Don-t-Accept-Nomination-AishwaryaIn the latest episode, the day started with Mumtaz pampering both Aishwary and Yashika. Both of them are undergoing stress and they are not ready to face the game. Particularly Aishwarya said that she wants to go home.

While Yashika crying Mumtaz started advising her. Mumtaz said her to stop over pamper Aishwarya she wanted Yashika to play her game. Mumtaz don’t want Yashika to take Aishwarya’s stress on her.

Rhythvika read the announcement from Big Boss about the cooking competition from Aachi Masala. Two teams has to be separated yellow and Red team, Yellow team has to prepare veg dishes (Veg biryani, Bajji and Payasam) and Red team has to prepare non veg dishes (Chicken biryani, Chetttinad chicken and Gulabjamun). Rhythvika asked to judge this task.

Red Team- Yashika, Aishwarya and Mumtaz

Yellow Team- Janani, Vijayalakshmi and Balaji

Yellow team won the task and Aachi Masala presented a big cake for the housemates.

In the evening, Big Boss announced about the Nomination process. He announced that Rhythvika already directly nominated for this week eviction process along with the housemates has to discuss and nominate two more contestants for this eviction process.

Big Boss also announced that the show host Kamal Haasan requested to directly nominate Aishwarya for her continues lies but as per Big Boss rule contestants has to nominate one person for eviction so Big Boss wanted to discuss among themselves and point out two person names.

Housemates nominated Aishwarya and Mumtaz but Aishwarya is not ready to face the nomination. And the discussion goes on for the long time they couldn’t able to come for a conclusion as Aishwarya was not accepting for nomination.

Big Boss gave another announcement that the housemates are taking too time to discuss so the housemates has to nominate 3 person for the eviction process.

Atlast they came for a conclusion and announced Mumtaz, Vijayalakshmi and Aishwarya, Rhthvika entitled to the nomination.

BB 1 contestants enters Big Boss house !!!

There was a pleasant surprise for the housemates. Big Boss 1 contestant visits BB house. Gayathri, Suja, Harathi, Snehan and Vaiyapuri enters the house.

Big Boss announced that blue color is for BB 1 contestants and Pink color room for BB2 contestants,Harathi gave some advice to Aishwarya.