Big Boss 2 Tamil: Housemates fights with one another to win the task

By | August 17, 2018

In the latest episode, Housemates are playing luxury budget task called ‘Bommalattam’. Day by housemates behaving so silly and they are showing their cheap behavior to win the task.

Janani gave idea to Mumtaz to follow the same strategy of Yaashika’s team. Janani told Mumtaz to reject the maximum number of dolls if possible.

Vande Maataram song was played in the house and the housemates realized that it was an independence day (August 15th).

Yaashika and Aishwarya were belongs to red team. They planned to theft the money of Blue team and they suddenly went to Mumtaz area to take money.

Mumtaz was waiting near the conveyor and took the bunch of cotton at the least expected time.Yashika stole on doll from the opponent team. Janani started to shout at Red team atlast Rhythvika gave back the stolen doll honestly.

Daniel and Aishwarya told Yaashika to reject all the dolls of blue team. Both Mumtaz and Yaashika rejected all the dolls done by both the teams.

Yaashika and Aishwarya went to blue team’s place and took all their raw materials, needle box etc… In order to safeguard the raw materials Sendrayan had to catch Aishwarya by her hair and suddenly Aishwarya burst out in anger and named it as physical violence. She complained to Big Boss that Sendrayan is doing physical violence for that she will also get into physical fight. Rhythvika asked Big Boss to control the situation.

Big Boss announced that Luxury Budget task came to an end. Mumtaz team had more money than Yaashika’s team. Hence Big Boss announced Blue team as winners.

Housemates conveyed Independence Day wishes:

Big Boss gave chance to the housemates to share they are proud to be an Indian. Housemates shared in what aspects they proud to be an Indian and also convey their wishes to the viewers.

Daniel become the best cook:

Big Boss asked the housemates to pin the badge to their favorite cook. Daniel was selected as the winner as he got more number of badges from the housemates.

Best and worst performers:

Big Boss announced to select one best and worst performer from both the teams. Teams were discussed among themselves and selected Bhalaji(Red team) and Sendrayan(Blue team) as a worst performers. Yaashika(Red team) and Mahat(Blue team) as a best performers.

Mahat and Yaashika rewarded with the opportunity to fight for the captain position for the following week. Bhalaji and Sendrayan were directly nominated for eviction process of the forth coming week.