Big Boss 2: Ponnambalam evicted from the house, Janani and Sendrayan stay safe

By | August 13, 2018

In Sunday’s episode, Kamal Haasan started the show with the deep note about Independence day and the importance to be patriotic. Kamal conducted a game called “Vanjapugazhchi” to the housemates in which the housemates are well played and thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Surprisingly Kamal Haasan entered the house and conducted the eviction process. The housemates were thrilled to meet Kamal in the house. Kamal shared his experience visiting other language Big Boss house. He advised the housemates to prove themselves in order to shine in this Big Boss house.

Then he asked one of the nominees to open up the cover. Ponnambalam voluntarily came to open the cover and found his name inside the envelope. Ponnambalam was very happy that Kamal came inside to take him out.

Ponnambalam came out and met the audience and the audience asked questions about his behavior towards Aishwarya in “Rani Maharani” task.

Ponnambalam asked one lady from the audience to prove that he didn’t hurt Aishwarya. The lady who was held by Ponnambalam in choke-hold told others that she was not hurt even though the hold was tight.

He also explained that he is a talented stuntman and he held himself responsible even before he decided to that. At-last audience got convinced. He said that he thought of Aishwarya and Yaashika as his daughter. He wants them to shine in this film industry and they also bid him an emotional good bye from the show.