Big Boss Tamil: Pyar Prema Kadhal team enters Big Boss house

By | August 11, 2018

In the latest episode, few of the housemates including Yaashika Anand said Aishwarya is never satisfied and always craves for more always.

Captain Yaashika announced that the housemates got 2500 points for Luxury budget task of this week but they lost the luxury budget completely as they made some mistakes in calculation which exceeds 2500 points. Janani asked sorry to everyone as she is the one who done the mistake.

Rhythvika read the announcement that Yaashika’s leadership comes to an end. This week luxury budget task best performers Janani and Aishwarya are given the chance to contest for the captaincy. As expected, Aishwarya Dutta won the task and became the captain of the house for the second time. Aishwarya promises Balaji that this time she will be a good captain.

Ponnambalam, Rhythvika, Sendrayan made fun to Janani for losing the game. Janani accepts that she already knows that she will not win this game as she know about her strength and weakness.

Pyaar Prema Kadhal movie team enters Big Boss house:

Actor Harish Kalyan, Raiza Wilson and director Elan entered Big Boss house for the promotion of their movie “Pyaar Prema kadhal”. Harish and Raiza were the contestants of Big Boss 1 so they emotionally connected to that house.

Harish, Raiza and Elan plays various game with the housemates. Some of the male contestants asked to propose Raiza Wilson and some female contestants asked to propose Harish Kalyan. As a part of the game, Housemates played the game “Yes or No’’. Harish will ask questions to the housemates in which they have to show either Yes or No.

Harish asked Mahat, The relationship between Mahat and Yaashika is beyond the friendship and very true. All the housemates except Mahat says Yes. Yaashika got upset with Mahat for his answer.

Harish and Raiza gave some advice to the housemates. Director Elan said Raiza and Harish were given opportunity by seeing their performance in the Big Boss house. Elan also said that this is the unique stage and he advised housemates to use this opportunity in the better way.