Big Boss 2 Tamil: Housemates played “Vazhakaadu Mandram” task

By | August 10, 2018

In the latest Big Boss episode, Unusually Rhythvika was seen in makeup by seeing her Vaishnavi said she is beautiful without makeup. Rhythvika got offended and replied, she knows that she is beautiful and she has self confidence.

Ponnambalam, Janani, Mahat and Daniel discussed about this week eviction. Ponnambalam shared that he would be evicted this week for which Janani opposed and said that she got evicted possibly. Ponnambalam said, in coming weeks tasks become tougher and it would be difficult for me to do all those task.

Balaji and other housemates were discussing about mock eviction process and asked questions to this week nomination contestants Janani and Sendrayan. Janani Said, if she have a chance to choose between herself and Sendrayan she would choose herself because he needs money and more fame in the film industry. Sendrayan said he will save himself as he wants to make a mark in his career.

Big Boss announces the luxury budget points. He asked Rhythvika to choose a best and worst performer in the task. Rhythvika said from red team Ponnambalam is the worst performer and from Blue team Daniel is the worst performer.

Additionally she said, From Blue team Aishwarya is the best performer and from Red team Janani is the best performer.

The housemates got the opportunity to share about Dr.M. Karunanidhi.

After this, Big Boss gave the Vazhakaadu Mandram task in which housemates were split in to two teams and debate on 5 different topics. For this task, Janani asked to be the judge of the show. Though everyone argued amazingly and Sendrayan selected as a worst performer by Janani.