Big Boss 2 Tamil: Housemates gave tribute to Kalaingar M. Karunanidhi

By | August 9, 2018

In the latest episode of Big Boss 2, housemates playing “Yennai pol oruvan” luxury budget task. Yaashika, Rhythvika, Aishwarya helps Mahat to get perfect shape of Mumtaz as he is imitating Mumtaz in the task. Mumtaz got upset while seeing Mahat imitation.

Vaishnavi tried to copy Thadi Balaji by keeping big tummy, which ends up so funny.

Big Boss gave secret task to blue team, so they had a frequent discussion among them to complete the task.

Meanwhile, Yaashika said to Mumtaz that red team trying to imitate through their looks but more than that the mannerism they do is most important.

Poonambalam was imitating Mahat, he went to all the cameras and shouted the name of Mahat lover and said he loves her very much. Ponnambalam shouted like “Bhubhu I love you so much”.

To check whether they are doing their characters properly Mumtaz imitates like Aishwarya. Mumtaz acted like she is getting ligament tear.

In order to provoke Balaji, Sendrayan teases Balaji with some personal medical issues and abuses Balaji so badly. Rhythvika called both the teams and informed that this is the task so one should not use their personal medical problems, calling their boyfriend or girlfriend names, she asked the contestants to refrain from doing such things.

Ponnambalam explained to Mahat why he used his girlfriend’s name in the camera. Mahat understood Ponnambalam and thanked him many times.

Big Boss announced the luxury budget task comes to an end.

In the evening, Big Boss announced about the demise of our former chief Minister Kalaingar Dr. M. Karunanidhi. Housemates got shocked by hearing this news. And the Big Boss gave chance to the housemates to convey their condolence to our former Chief Minister.

Thadi Balaji said the moment we say Tamil, we remember only black glass and yellow scarf worn by Dr. M. Karunanidhi.

Other housemates also shared their condolence message.