Samantha has amazing fitness level says RJ Ramya

By | August 6, 2018

Tollywood queen Samantha nowadays choosing only challenging roles and she used to give 100 percent justification for that character. She usually takes so much care about her physique and tries to show up variations in her movies. She gives so much importance for fitness in her life.

Recently, RJ Ramya and Samantha visited Tirupathi temple. Both of them have climbed the steps of the temple. Usually, it takes more than three hours for a normal person to reach the temple but Samantha reached in just 2.5 hours by climbing all 3500 steps.

Ramya appreciated Samantha that she did not take any frequent breaks while climbing the steps and her fitness levels are amazing. She additionally told she amazed at her fitness and had a great time travelling with Sam.

Samantha is now currently waiting for the release of her new movies U-Turn and Seema Raja.