Big Boss 2 tamil: Aishwarya’s dictatorship task concluded

By | August 4, 2018

On Thursday’s Bigg Boss Tamil scene, Aishwarya proceeded as the dictator of the house. She offered task to the contestants who at last comprehended the task and did as told by the queen. Aishwarya kept on being strict and dispensed discipline like a true dictator. Yaashika and other housemates were sent to imprison where they thought of the possibility of an upheaval and attempted to oust the ruler. This brought about a gigantic show in the house.

Daniel, who should be Aishwarya’s officer, additionally defied her subsequent in a tremendous bustle in the house. Ponnambalam considered this to be a chance to access the ruler and overwhelmed her by nearly stifling her and tossed her in the pool. The housemates who were secured in the prison additionally got away. Be that as it may, once Aishwarya left the swimming, she seethed about being gagged and pushed into the pool and requested Bigg Boss open the confession room.

She was not ready to absolute a word or clarify what she was experiencing. Outside, the housemates battled with Janani Iyer and Daniel and clarified that Aishwarya was overcompensating. They additionally said how the most recent two days they took her disciplines quietly and endure her demeanor. Rather than understanding this was only a task, the housemates got associated with it by and by and everybody’s personality had an enormous impact in the manner in which the task finished.

Bigg Boss disclosed to Aishwarya that she played out the task very well and advised her to leave her character. Aishwarya inquired as to whether the task has closed, to which Bigg Boss answered that she will be educated of the same once she goes to the living room.