Big Boss 2: Aishwarya and Sendrayan get into fight over a cup of tea!!!

By | August 2, 2018

In Wednesday’s episode, Aishwarya kept on torturing the housemates by giving task, yet nothing was as awful as her dumping garbage on Balaji, who protested the punishment he got by starving himself. Mumtaz is very much upset with Aishwarya over the punishment, instead he played the task given to her.

Aishwarya , Daniel and Janani were discussed about how to make Balaji have food. Aishwary ordered Mahat to feed Balaji, when mahat did that he spat the food on the floor. After lights out, housemates should go to bed concurring the rules set by the ruler. In any case, Balaji, who didn’t know the rules, sat on the couch and declined to leave till he feel sleepy.

Afterward, Aishwary and Janani talked about what occurred as the day progressed and Aishwarya clarified that Balaji talked bad about her mom and that is the reason she punished him.

The ‘ruler’ had said that the public can just eat and drink what she allowed them to do as such. Before she had her refreshment, Senrayan made tea for himself, which Aishwarya poured in the sink. Before long, an enormous contention took after, with Aishwarya rebuffing him and requesting that he would need to starve the entire day. Senrayan is the person who manhandled Aishwarya in the first place, yet when she countered, he raised his hand. He didn’t slap her, however he shouted at her and didn’t take after the rules.

Aishwarya kept on punishing him, she told the public to call Sendrayan ‘Lusu’. Sendrayan said that he needed to pack up and go out. The housemates did not comprehend what dictatorship meant. Even when Janani tried explain concept Senrayan spoke about how he was from a poor background. He also complains Aishwarya failed to give respect to his age, and inquired as to why she needed him to address senior person as ‘Loosu’(mental).

As punishment made, Rhythvika pore dirty water on Sendrayan. Mahat and Shariq were also punished for being disrespectful. None of them, however, seem to understand what the task was.