Bigg Boss 2 tamil: Mahat Ragavendra gets jailed by Janani iyer

By | July 13, 2018

In 12th July episode of Bigg Boss 2, Housemates playing “Thittam Pottu Thirudura Kootam’’ luxury budget task in which Janani told to Nithya that she is not willing to continue this game and she is ready to face the direct nomination and go home. Thadi Balaji also express the same feeling to Janani and Rhythvika.

Nithya advises Janani and Ramya to take up this task as a challenge inorder to overcome their stress in Bigg Boss house.

Public complained to Mahat that Mumtaz is crossing the limit and overdoing her job.

Janani as a “Panchayat thalaivar”

Nithya read out the announcement, Big boss stated that Panchayat meet has to be organized in order to address the complaints to public. And Bigg Boss announced Janani iyer as a “Panchayat leader”.

Janani headed the Panchayat meet and she heard complaints from all the housemates. In between Big Boss calls Janani to the confession.

Panchayat thalaivar(Janani) came out from the confession room and declares Mahat to be jailed, due to his maximum mistakes and as a leader he could have control his team and lead by an example instead he himself does lots of mistake.

So, Janani gave the final judgement that Mahat Ragavendra to be jailed. And hence he sent to jail.

Mahat requested the big boss not to release him till Saturday morning.