Bigg Boss 2 tamil: Episode 23- Ponnambalam gets jailed and Ramya became new captain for this week.

By | July 10, 2018

On Sunday’s scene of Bigg Boss Tamil, Ananth Vaidyanathan was enabled to put one housemate in the prison and he picked Ponnambalam. He expressed that Ponnambalam gave disrespectful statement about Yaashika and Aishwarya on the grounds that they sat on a bed with a man. The house is soon in chaos.

Monday’s scene started with housemates requesting Bigg Boss to rethink sending Ponnambalam to imprison in view of therapeutic reasons however there was no reaction. The housemates picked on Yaashika and Aishwarya as though everything was their blame. This prompted Aishwarya, Yaashika’s go head to head with Ponnambalam. Aishwarya was irate that Ponnambalam requested that Kamal Haasan see what happened a couple of days prior. She requesting that he tell the housemates what happened and he admitted he just observed Yaashika, Aishwarya, Sharik and Mahat talking while at the same time sitting on the same bed. Be that as it may, the way Ponnambalam communicated this was as though something happened when they were on the bed. Truth be told, Ponnambalam likewise swore at the young ladies, however when they requesting that he rehash what he had stated, he said he doesn’t recall.

Yaashika said that if individuals heard what he had let them know, they wouldn’t bolster him. The boisterous contention reached an end as lights went out.

The following day, Bigg Boss declares the leader’s task however the housemates trifled with it as well. Everybody needed to demolish the odds of alternate individuals until the point when Janani brought up that nobody will be the captain in the event that they destroyed Ramya’s cahance as well. At that point, the housemates woke up and supported Ramya. She at that point turned into the captain.

This was trailed by the selection. Bigg Boss called housemates in gatherings of three and four and requesting that they nominate one individual. Mahat and Aishwarya needed to nominate Yaashika according to her demand. Other housemates nominates Balaji, Nithya and Ponnambalam.