Important health benefits of Blood donation

By | June 15, 2018

Blood is very essential and it is involved in supplying essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells and demolish the metabolic waste items from the cells. An average blood volume present in the adult is 5 litres roughly. It is very much important that we must give blood to others in order to save their lives. Every year blood donation day is conducted by WHO or World Health Organization in order create awareness to the general public about blood donation.

There are so many health benefits of donating blood to others. They are,
Good for heart and liver:
It is one of the amazing health benefit of donating our blood. While we consuming iron rich foods, Iron content in our body increases. These iron contents stagnated in our heart and liver etc… So, the risk of heart problems and liver problems also gets increased. This could be prevented by blood donation as disease due to iron overload would not be there.
Cancer could be avoided:
By donating blood, the iron levels are maintained at normal level in us and hence reduction in the iron levels occurs which means low risk of cancer.
Helps to reduce weight:
Blood donation helps us to reduce weight, Obese person donating blood would be highly recommended and it is advisable not to donate blood very frequently as it might lead to other issues also.
Production of new cells:
It is considered as the one of the good health benefit by blood donation. The body starts to replenish the blood loss and hence it triggers the production of new blood cells. And good health is maintained in the donors.
Hemochromatosis could be prevented:
Over absorption of iron by our body leads to an disease called Hemochromatosis in us. Either Alcoholism or Anaemia also cause this problem in us. Iron overload could be reduced by regular donation of blood.
Increases life span:
Not everyone know that by donating blood to others would increases our life span