Important health benefits of Neem powder which we might not know

By | June 7, 2018

Neem present in Indian subcontinent which is well know and it belongs to the family ‘Meliaceae’ its botanical name is Azadirachta Indica. We are using neem based products for many years. The Antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properities of neem are amazing. Neem powder is also good and provides many health benefits. Not many know that neem has got many nutrients in it and could protect us from many issues.

Some of the health benefits of neem powder are,

Hairfall is avoided:

One of the normal issues display in both males and females is balding issue. There are different purposes behind this hair fall. By applying neem powder this hair fall could be dealt with. In the initial step a glue is made by blending neem powder and water and aloe vera is added to it. This glue is then connected on the scalp for a time of 20 to 30 minutes and washed off well.

Brilliant in controlling diabetes issues:

This is likewise one awesome medical advantage of neem powder. Individuals experiencing diabetes issues could take glass of water blended with little neem powder. Their diabetes would get controlled.

Psoriasis:It is said that neem powder could treat this psoriasis issue successfully. Individuals having this issue have itchy scalp silver or reddish patches in them. Neem powder could be taken both interior and external for this issue.

Controls pimples or acnes:

It is realized that the majority of us are not honoured with a flawless skin. The slick skin brings about numerous pimples or acnes in our face and that would be awkward. By applying neem powder on confront these pimples or acnes are lessened or maintained a strategic distance from now and again. In the initial step neem powder is blended in curd or multani mitti and after that connected on the face. At that point the face is washed well with water.

Controls head lices in us:

Not numerous know that neem powder could counteract head lices in us. These head lices are parasitic insects and feed on little measures of our blood. The development of lice is hindered by neem powder. A glue is made by adding water to neem powder and henna powder could be included for thicker and smoother glue. This glue is then connected to the hair and left to dry and later washed well with water.