Health benefits of Tulsi Tea

By | May 18, 2018

Some health benefits of Tulsi tea

Immunity gets increased– Consuming Tulsi tea increases our immune system widely. The anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-biotic properties of Tulsi plays a vital role in triggering the immune system. It is sure that even in the bad climatic conditions we could be healthy by having this tulsi tea.

Treats many breathing issues in us– Don’t get tensed when you got problems like fever, cold, asthma etc… Intake of this wonderful Tulsi tea these problems could be treated greatly. Chest congestion could also be relieved by this Tulsi tea.

Good for Heart Health
– By consuming Tulsi tea we could have good heart health. Presence of Magnesiun in tulsi tea helps in prevention of heart diseases. Precipitation of Cholesterol in blood vessels would not be there due to the presence of magnesium in Tulsi Tea. By consuming it regularly we would have lower blood cholesterol level.

Good stress buster– Consuming Tulsi Tea regularly, the stress hormone levels are maintained easily in us.

Effective for good oral health– Anti microbial properities of Tulsi plays important role here and fights the germs and bacteria inside our mouth. It also prevents Pyorrhoea in us.

Promotes weight loss– Tulsi tea eradicates the body fat present in us by acting on metabolic rate of the person. This also serves as a Natural method for weight loss.

Healthy Kidneys– Tulsi tea is good detoxifier and a diuretic. It promotes healthy functioning of our Kidney.