How to Change WIFI Password?

By | October 21, 2017

Steps to Change WiFi Router Password

Wi-Fi is incredible for keeping you associated, yet an inadequately secured Wi-Fi can put your own data in danger. Keeping your switch watchword secured and changing the secret key routinely are fundamental keys to ensuring your system and your information. Changing your secret word likewise shields shabby neighbors from taking your transfer speed. 

To change WiFi password of your router, take the following steps:

  • Connect to the Wi-Fi Network
  • Open the Web Browser
  • Open routers configuration page by typing Router default access IP address. 
  • Standard router addresses are: or
  • Enter the routers Username and Password ( Mostly username =’admin’, password = ‘password’) or both password and username as “admin”) 
  • Go to Routers Wireless Setting TAB
  • Select SECURITY.  Here you can see many options but choose only Wi-Fi Protected Access2, as it is most secured one.
  • WPA Pass Phrase: Here you can fill your coveted Wireless secret key which you can alter later. It ought to be least eight characters in length. For better security, please incorporate unique characters and numbers in your watchword.
  • Now Click on APPLY or Save button.
  • Now connect all devices again using your new password. 

Wi-Fi Protected Access or WEP is fundamental security that can’t be effortlessly broken, so it will be fine to set WEP on your Wi-Fi modem.