Helpline numbers for Dengue related info is here…

By | October 11, 2017

The helpline numbers for general public to get dengue-related info have been reported.

Following the expanding loss of lives caused by dengue fever in the express, the legislature of Tamil Nadu has begun taking quick activities to control the same. Notwithstanding this, expanding number of individuals everywhere throughout the state are influenced by dengue and are under treatment in the clinics.

In this circumstance, helpline numbers for the general population to get dengue-related data have been reported in the interest of the state Health Minister Vijayabhaskar. According to this, people in general can dial 104 whenever to clear their questions.

Apart from this number the general public can get extra dengue-related data by calling the numbers – 044-24350496 and 044-.24334811.

These numbers can likewise be utilized to enroll a complaint with respect to any news identifying with health disorder causing circumstances/developments.